RPA Course

Automation has improved its way to make the work or task easier as the world is moving very fast to use various Technologies RPA (Robotic Automation Process)has emerged as one of the Best tools for Automation.

RPA helps to Automate the business operations by taking help ofbots (Software’s) and also help us to reduce the human efforts and increase the throughput.

Humans are not Replaced with the Actual robots, but there are different types of software which helps you to automate your business process. The faster you automate the faster you create the competitive edge for your business and Automation definitely is the future.

RPA can be used to automate any of the task which are labour intensive and can be used to automate any back-office work or workflow.

RPA don’t require the knowledge of code or any kind of direct access to database of the application or its code.

1) Overview

- Basic Concept of RPA(UiPath).
- History, Future & Career Opportunities
- Installation and Setup.
- Types of workflow.
- Workflow Designer panel.

2)Variable and Datatype

- System Activities and it’s properties
- Control flow Statement.
- Type of data and it’s Manipulation
- Managing Arguments.

3) Recording and Ui Interaction Automation

- Different types of Recording.
- Different scrapping methods.
- Scrapping data using Different OCR.
- Example of Automatic Recording.


- About Selector
- Creating Dynamic selectors using wild card and variable.
- UiPath Explorer.

5)Citrix Automation

- Citrix recorder and it’s advantage
- Image Automation using UI Automation Activities.
- Text Automation using UI Automation Activities.

6)Excel and Data Table

- Excel Activities.
- Data Table activities.

7)PDF and Email Automation

- Data extraction from pdfusing OCR
- Extracting Specific information using Anchor
- Email Activities.
- Email Automation.

8) UI path Orchestrator

- Understanding Concept
- Connecting local Robot to Orchestrator
- Executing process using Orchestrator
- Understanding different flag status.

9) Robotic Enterprise Framework(re-framework)

- Understanding concepts of re-framework.
- Developing process using Framework.

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