Why Quastech Degree Program+ ?
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Quastech Degree Program allows you to study Mumbai University academic subjects and Specialization Subjects at the same time.
Quastech Degree adds value to your CV, you'll have a head start and a competitive advantage over others.

Quastech Degree aids in the development of your multidisciplinary field of knowledge as well as the enhancement of your well-rounded skillset, which can be applied to a wide range of businesses and sectors.

For eg. If you are studying BSCIT and Quastech Degree Program at the end of the Academic Year, you will be Carrying 2 Professional Degrees in the Market which will level up your Career in the Field of IT.

• Benefits of Quastech Degree program+
• Graduation Certification of BSCIT from University.
• Quastech Degree Certification.
• 3 Years Industrial Knowledge.
• Job Placement.
• Life-Long Support for a Job.
• Industrial Visit.
• Be Ready to Take off in a Corporate World with a Excellent Salary.

Diploma in Software Engineering

Semester 1

1. Computer Network
& Security
2. Software Engineering
3. Linux & Windows System Programming
4. System Programming
5. C Programming
7. Basics of Python
8. Soft Skills Development

Note: Workshops/Seminar/Exhibition
Workshops on trending and upcoming technologies. This short and interactive session is designed to provide students with a wonderful insight in the field of Technology.

Semester 2

1. Advanced C / C++ Programming
2. Database System – SQL
3. Basics of Java
4. Cloud Computing
5. Introduction to Cloud Computing
6. Demystifying Cloud Computing Architecture
7. Application Programming Interface
8. Networking

Note: Internship Training Program in a company.

Advanced in Software Engineering

Semester 3

1. Advanced Python Programming
2. Advanced Java
3. R Programming
4. My SQL
5. Tkinter Desktop Application
6. Python Framework - Django
7. Description Statistics

Note: Hands-on at Industry Level Projects. Do your Innovation & Research in those projects. Certification and Internship will be provided upon successful completion of the course.
Industrial Visit

Specialization in Software Engineering

Semester 4

1. Embedded C Programming with fundamental of computer network
2. Dot NET Technologies
3. Cyber Security
4. Cyber Forensics
5. Intro to Query
6. Intro to CSS with Visual Developer

Note: Coding Bootcamp in a company. Winner (Top 3Students) will get prize money and certification for the same.

Semester 5

1. Data Science Using R
2. Data Science Using Python
3. Machine Learning
4. Software Testing
5. Web Designing
6. Full Stack Development (Java, Python)

Note : Rejuvenating tour for students - Journey. Explore. Discover. ...

Semester 6

1. Industrial Visit
2. Interview Preparation & Effective Business Communication
3. Internship
4. 100% Placement
5. HR session & Resume Writing

Note: Workshop/Seminar from Specialist working in different IT Companies.